Category: Motion

  • Hyperlapsing My Town

    I have always been passionate about creating videos. I just keep on experimenting now and then with a cellphone in my hand with camera on for most of the time. This video’s type is HyperLapse i.e a Hyper-TimeLapse. Roaming the city has been painful with holding the cellphone in one particular position only for the […]

  • Gantabya

    Story: In the rainy evening, prior to election an anonymous peanut seller unaffected by the events beyond wall is walking through the lanes of the colony with his jingles to attract customers.His journey reveals the colorless void. He puts his ear to the chest of the wall to discover the truth beyond the wall.He gets […]

  • Underneath the skies of rust

    A diploma film on National Instruments Limited. Produced by Department of Film Studies, Jadavpur University with The Media Lab. [signoff predefined=”Credit and Share” icon=”icon-thumbs-up”][/signoff]