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    Tick tick, tick tick. The clock ticks away, he lies next to her fast asleep, snoring away to glory. It’s half past 5 in the morning, there is a bird outside chirping, the sun is just about to rise. She can see the rising sun and she is nauseous, she pulls the blanket and rushes […]

  • A note to self. Never stop believing.

    Waged a war with my soul, Sold it to the devil. Stabbed it with a knife. Bled black blood. All that remained was a flaw. A flaw I hated, My soul was now a flaw. An Imperfect Flaw. But then he came, and made me realize, Imperfection is the true perfection. We search too much […]

  • An Eagle. The Sky.

    Circling around, Looking below, I see high structures. A few of my friends, preys, and humans. I see a huge water body but it seems to be restricted, Walls surround it, I can see the floor below the water body and it’s not sand. What are these humans doing to mother earth? I rule the […]

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    Confessions of the abused

    Breathe in and out, One step at a time. Don’t give up, you can do this! Repeating this again and again, she splashed water onto her face, and looked into the mirror. Trying to find something nice about her, she stared deep into the mirrors. She hated how she looked, she hated her color, she […]

  • Twisted Fate

    The tears rolled down her cheeks, leaving a wet trail. Each droplet hitting the white sheet, smudging the blue ink on the paper. The tears wouldn’t stop, just like the storm outside the window. Signing the sheet, she folds the sheet and places it on the table. She makes her bed, not that it was […]

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    I can feel it in me, I don’t know how it developed in me, But I know it’s there in me, I need it gone! It’s making it difficult for my soul to breathe! My soul used to be whole. I want it back, I want my life. An Interconnection of sorts. It’s probably always […]

  • Timing

    She’s sitting by the door waiting for him to show up. It’s dark outside, the only thing she can hear are the crickets that chirp, the owl that hoots. The skies are not lit, the moon is overshadowed by those big black clouds. They managed to hide even the stars, the only source of light […]

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  • To Save a Flower Pot, or Not

    The days seem longer, Time at a halt, Is this how a broken heart feels? The wind seems to be moving away, The flowers wilting. Spring is said to be the season where flowers bloom. But the flower pot you gave me this winter, Is dead, dead like our Love. You left me right at […]

  • Scared, Broken And More!

    She sat in the corner for hours, She saw the shadows move. The dark room, lit only by the light that passed through the narrow cracked open door. The room seemed to engulf her and her sadness. She sat in the corner holding her knees close to her chest, So defensive, so broken. She didn’t […]

  • Our Juxtaposed World

    Those evergreen days, Those times we reached out to the poor. Those times we stopped by to help the needy, Those days when neighbors were friends. Those days when we earned to meet our loved ones who lived far away. Gone are those days when face to face communication was the only type of communication. […]

  • Second Chances

    We once met through a friend, We shared a few laughs, Exchanged numbers and fell into some kind of infatuation. Like it goes we went through our ups and downs, We left each other and went separate ways. Not knowing what the future held or what it held for us. Yes, we broke each others […]