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    If you are taking a stroll at Manda Zoo, you will come across this interesting signboard put up by the Department of Wildlife Protection, J&K Government Jammu. Most of us live under a false impression that we, so called ‘humans’, rest at the zenith of animal kingdom. William Shakespeare has called humans “the paragon of […]

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    The night that took everything away…

    All I wanted,was to be your strength… but I could not restore mine.. It was that fateful night.. All I wanted was a happy life for my parents..but could not even make that fine.. It was that fateful night.. …I knew I would lose, I knew I would succumb ,I knew I would be destroyed…but […]

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    Tick tick, tick tick. The clock ticks away, he lies next to her fast asleep, snoring away to glory. It’s half past 5 in the morning, there is a bird outside chirping, the sun is just about to rise. She can see the rising sun and she is nauseous, she pulls the blanket and rushes […]

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    What Comes After a Bucket of Vinegar

    What Comes After a Bucket of Vinegar?   whatwhen she came in.  Kristen had decided to meander effusively on mandolin, looking to sing for me at the airport. As a soldier I travel to many places, even on the commercial airlines.  I’ve chugged over the frigid, snowbound Rockies in a twin prop tin plane, rainbows […]

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    August Issue Online Now: Ashvamegh

    Dear all, the seventh successful issue of Ashvamegh International Journal has been launched recently. You can go through the issue or download the pdf for comfortable reading in the laptop or i-pad later. Go through our website and read the poems of Tabish Khair, and other popular poets. You can also read the interviews of […]

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    johnstoning, I’ll mae you like me, force you into Christ with a big hot hand, a fated, faded children’s cartoon show (o I’ve seen this one before), and Live like the calm bamboo the hollow stock that shoulders the illicit tic of the swordsman, I’ll bend with your presence, figure you someway   —   […]

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  • with Jason

    With Jason   There’s poured concrete and the space of the stage.  I suck my teeth a little before the prefab, metal edge board and wonder at my own skin, my rife ability, my own tendancy to strike the strings.  Have pity on me! I say in every attitude, know me with my own heart. […]

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